Stove Top Candied Yams

by Matthew Taylor on November 14, 2010

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I saw this yesterday on the Food Network and thought it was pretty interesting. Iʼll be honest, I havenʼt exactly run into this problem, but it was a nice solution to what I
thought was a common problem.

Most people have one oven. Thanksgiving requires you to put everything in the oven. Turkey, yams, pies, casseroles, you name it, it goes in the oven. Unless youʼre
fortunate enough to have more than one oven, this creates a problem. How can you minimize the amount of food needed to go into your oven, but at the same time keep
your food fresh, hot and ready to eat? Hereʼs a recipe that allows you to make your candied yams on the stove and eliminate it from taking up space in the oven.

1 lb Yams (or more, just double the recipe accordingly)
1/3 cup Brown Sugar,firmly packed
1/3 cup chopped nuts (optional)
5 tablespoons butter
1 cup marshmallows

On the stove pour sweet potatoes into a 2 quart sauce pan. Cook until heated. Drain
liquid and set to the side. Add brown sugar and butter into the pan with the potatoes and
heat until hot, but not to a boil. Add nuts to sauce, pour over potatoes, stir to coat. Add
marshmallows to the top. Serve.

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